Sol Homestead LLC

Sol Homestead was founded by Julio and Kasey in 2019. We became Sol Homestead LLC in October 2020.

Why Sol Homestead? There’s the obvious: you need the sun to farm. There’s a nod to Julio’s Puerto Rican heritage. Kasey likes that it sounds like soul, and we’re planning to run a kind, reflective operation. There’s The Canticle of the Sun. And then, there’s the feeling of the sun on your face in the crisp morning air.

Why alpacas? Julio had always dreamed of farming alpacas. He wanted to do something that brought him closer to the land, but he didn’t want to raise an animal in order to kill it. Whimsical, curious, and environmentally friendly, alpacas were a perfect fit.

In the winter of 2018, Kasey asked Julio if he was kidding when he said he wanted to be an alpaca farmer. When she found out that he wasn’t, they started looking for a plot of land.

What else is on the homestead? A pumpkin patch, a tea garden and a kitchen garden, chickens, a beehive, the beginnings of an orchard, and a barky little dog. Drop us a line to inquire about purchasing alpaca poo for your compost, yarn, pumpkins, or eggs.

Banner Art by Jesenia Santana Find more of her art here.

Sol Homestead Logo by Marissa Butcher